About Us

Welcome to Miss Tiffs Caramel and Confections.

My name is Tiffany, and I am the creator of Miss Tiffs Caramel. I am a working wife and mom of two amazing daughters who are the light of my life. It has always been a dream of mine to follow my entrepreneurial spirit and teach my girls the value of passion and hard work, I found this passion in all things Caramel. What started out as a quick recipe to make a caramel sauce for a potluck dessert in 2013, turned into holiday gifts for friends and family in 2014, and has quickly continued to grow in popularity and demand year over year. I find so much joy in sharing my handmade caramel creations with family, friends and now all of you.

Miss Tiffs Caramel and Confections was created out of my desire to create the best tasting caramel products, using the best, and most natural ingredients possible. Our Caramel creations are all handmade using delicate small batch recipes, and contain NO artificial ingredients, preservatives or GMO’s.

We welcome you into our Caramel family and appreciate your business and support.

In all things Caramel,

Numbers speak for themselves!

Pounds of Caramel
200 +
Jars of Caramel
100 +
Years in Business
1 +
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