Miss Tiffs Caramel Sauce FAQs

    • Can I order year round? – Absolutely! But we only ship between October and April due to the heat here in Phoenix.
    • What are the ingredients? – We only us the simplest ingredients in our caramel sauces, no additives or preservatives. Sugar, water, cream, vanilla, sea salt and a little homemade love. Different varieties, may contain, Premier Bulleit Burbon, Eggnog, Brandy, and/or Pumpkin Spice.
    • How long will it last? – simple answer is not long, because once it’s opened you won’t want to stop eating it.. 😉 more formal answer…. Because we make each jar individually with no additives or preservatives the caramel should be refrigerated for longer stability. The SEALED jars are shelf stable for about 30 days, however, the caramel sauce will last a much longer if refrigerated.. When you remove from the refrigerator you want to only reheat the amount you are going to use to avoid reheating the whole jar several times.
    • What types of things can I use Miss TIFF’s Caramel Sauce for? – Miss Tiff’s Caramel Sauce is best served warmed. Place desired amount in a microwave safe dish and heat in 20 second increments to desired temperature. Enjoy on all types of fruits (apples are amazing the tarter the better), ice cream, popcorn, cake, pies, pretzels, in you coffee or cocoa, or just straight from the jar (spoon always optional)
    • What sizes do you offer and how much are they?- we offer 4 different size jars of our liquid gold..
      • 4oz (taster size) Are in our Flights, you get 3 4oz jars for $20.00
      • 9oz (shareable size) – Starting at $12.00
      • 32oz (PARTY size) – perfect for potlucks, and parties -for $35.00
      • All sizes (except party size) are available Wrapped in a cello bag, with an apple on top and colored ribbon for an additional $1.50 each.
    • How soon should I place my order? – The sooner the better… especially around the holidays we do our best to have extra jars available for quick needs however, due to the nature of the product it is my goal to produce the freshest product for everyone, therefore a week or two in advance is preferred. Message me if you need it sooner.
    • Can you customize my order for a special event? – Absolutely! Our caramel sauce and confections make beautiful favors for weddings, baby/bridal showers, quince events, birthday parties, holiday gifts, and hostess gifts.. We can coordinate colors, label and tags for any event needs.
    • Do you offer any other products? – yes… we offer caramel and chocolate covered pretzels with a variety of toppings, caramel/chocolate covered marshmallows, delicious soft caramel chews in a variety of flavors, caramel/chocolate spoons for dipping in coffee, the most amazing salted caramel coconut macaroons, as well as chocolate covered Strawberries and cherries by special order. Please contact me if you have other ideas or wish to place an order.
    • Do you ship? – yes we ship domestically in the United States. Priority Shipping rates apply. Shipping is available for jars only, not wrapped with apples due to damage to fruit. I can include the bags and ribbon for you to wrap upon arrival if needed. Unfortunately we do reside in Arizona and our summers tend to be brutal, for this reason shipping is only available October through April.
    • How do I get my order – orders are available for pick up in Goodyear, Az, delivered within a 10 mile radius for additional fee, or can be shipped.
    • What methods of payment do you accept? – We accept cash, credit cards, venmo, and PayPal f&f.
  • Ok you got me how do I order? – simple, just click one of the above product links and order directly from the website.  If shipping is needed it will be invoiced and billed separately as we will need to ensure the correct packaging size and best shipping rate.  You may also send me a message to order if easier.  
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